Wellcome to the Municipality of Limni Plastiras

Welcome to a place of incredible beauty and serenity. The Municipality of Lake Plastiras is developed around the Plastiras lake and has been created from the merge of Municipalitites  of Plastira and Nevropolis Agrafa, which were based on Morfovouni. Morfovouni, is located 23 km west of Karditsa. Northern borders with the Municipalitie of Mouzaki, on the west with Municipality of Argithea and on the east and southeast with Municipality of Karditsa. This beautiful place where human intervention has created an idyllic setting with fertile land and hospitable people, will offer you unforgetable pictures and experience for a lifetime.

The Municipality of Plastiras Lake could be characterised as mountainous of its altitude, which ranges from 200 to 1400 metres. The cultivation of vineyard and vegetables as well as the lifestock farming are the main occupation of the residents. The constantly touristic development of the whole area with the creation of hotels, guesthouses and tourist facilities for catering and leisure in all local comunities have significantly contributed  to the employment growth and to the development of the tertiary sector, too.